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On Monday, July 12, 2010

Well.. at long last..the World Cup is over..and for the fans in Malaysia can finally sleep soundly withouth waking up 2 in the morning anymore..well again waiting for the CHamps League i guess or probably some ITalian league nutcase..

Hmmm I would say there's no difference between two sides.. although Spain has more chances. I could say either the keeper of both team is too good or they are very very lucky or is not the strikers day.

It could have been 3-3 at one point but somehow both keepers manage to deflect some good chances.

The goal itself was classic. well one Holland player got sent off and it was already the 2nd extra time period so all players are pretty tired. But it was a good goal.. the last defender didn't go up as fast enough for offside so there it is.. I think our Cesc Fabregas is the one pass to that guy.. well i'm not sure i am still pretty lalok from watching it..

ANwayy great game..great World Cup...till for another 4 years.. congrats to Spain...oh yeahh

On Sunday, July 11, 2010

...hmmmm great game...the best so far between 2 heavyweight..very entertatining..
I expect the 2nd keeper of Germany to be shit..but i am wrong..he is good..

anyway the best goal would be from Diego Forlan with his one touch accurate shooting.. seriously this player should have stay in Man united.

actually I was rooting forUruguay to win this because this is a bit deal for them..At least the germans has won the cup several times but for Uruguay..this maybe as far they can go.. I don't think Forlan will be playing in the world cup or Suarez probably.. and the probability they will suceed like this one is a bit unlikely.

overall great game...good goals...Forlan missed a great chance from a last minute free kick. Uruuguay was the one dominating the game and I like the way they counterattack.

Anyway cannot wait for the finals..oh yeahhhhhh

On Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wow... a great match I have to say....Germany look different from the previous game.. I don't think Germany didn't play well..however it was the Spain that play much much better than Germany. They conquer the match through all the period and I have to say Spain look to be the winners of the World Cup..cmon... do you think Netherlands will win against Spain.

anyway kudos to them and pity to me for having to deprived my beauty sleep for this game..

oh about this sotong..which for me kinda a big deal..well sure the prediction is true but it doesn't mean the sotong has just kidna think of it as a big coincidence..ok..

and a funny picture from pojie facebook..good one...

if only it's true right...hahah

On Wednesday, July 7, 2010

There nothing much to tell..well except I have been busy with work..I think i can understand why people can be married to their work.. if only I can sleep with my work then it would be weekend too are occupy with work so I don't get the time to do the stuff that I prefer to do like cycling and watch some movies

anyway the world cup 2010 has a mixed totatlly different from the other WC that I have seen.. the usual good teams are out..France and Itally(well I hate Italy) is for me not surprising but the round 16 and quarter has very shockign results.

I dunno about you guys but I don't really like to watch the big games match.. I prefer the average team match.....hmmm dunno maybe i like evenly match game..anyway the group games for me the best one would be when Slovenia vs New Zealand. both have unknown players but I think in any other day they could have beaten the bigger teams.. I just love the exciting conclusion when in the last minute NZ ..great match and Slovenai was good.

somme people say the Portugal vs North Korea or the Germany vs Argentina are the best ones but I don't see any exciting part except for the goals.. the losing teams are not really playing up the standards..well I expect more from Argentina but Messi and Tevez are obviously are playing for themselves and not for the country. for the North Korea, I think they played well for the first half but they lose concentration when the second goal so you cannot blame them for the goal fest. They even came close to drew with Brazil so give them some credit..

The Brazil vs Holland was for me a game that sum everything up..The better team sometimes don't win the games. Holland play to the Brazillian weakness and Melo didn't help himself with his behaviour.. but the goal from Brazil was great..really cool..what do you call it..oh yeah the beautiful game or something like that..

weent to Atoy weddings last week so it was a great event for me to met the other guys and hear some of their recent updates. The news of them getting kids is pretty much the big gossip around so congrats for them..

This week activity..please and please I want to go to kayuh..this past month I couldn't get around to do some exercising hahah..

that's it guys...

chalos amigos and take care..

On Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Damn tired playing futsal..seriously out of shape..

damnit you are a fat slob..
arghhh why............

On Sunday, June 20, 2010

hey2... everybody...this is my new blog...somehow my passion for blogging has been dwindling this couple of months and took over my passion and my interest but I'm back..and let's hope we have a good one in the future..

oh yeahhh.....